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Book “Buying success through 10 steps”

3. Edition. The influence of purchasing regarding to the costs and profit situation of  companies has increased because of global competition and  market pressure. A negotiation with suppliers will show that the sellers are better prepared than the buyers. Therefore, it could be a big disadvantage for the management of a purchasing company with respect to the competitiveness. This book shows through many practical examples, how a top buyer is prepared for a negotiation. Likewise, this book not only deals with professional topics, but also with mental exercises for buyers, target orientation, self motivation and social competence.  


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» Expertverlag Renningen


Book „Easier buying“

3. Edition. This book with 170 pages is presented in a story stile. Mr. Leopold is an inexperienced buyer who meets his mentor Mr. Conrad, who is the purchasing manager at a medium-sized company. The purchasing manager shows him in two days through many practical examples, methods of cost and price reductions, how to negotiate and self manage. The book is written in a dialogue style and makes understanding much easier. Since the publication the book is amongst the best-sellers in purchasing.


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Audiobook „The Profit is in Purchasing“

The audio training is the first CD publication of purchase training in German. Mr. Grossmann talks about main points of the book “Easier buying” and complements it with updated knowledge. This audio book will let you acquire of a valuable knowledge with no effort and without wasting time, so, in a very comfortable way listening to it while following other activities. For instance, while driving your car, on the train, at the gym. The CD's duration of 65 minutes.

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