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Purchase brings profits

... said a well known proverb. The majority of companies invest 50% of their costs on the purchasing of goods and services. The reduction of these costs has a considerable effect on the company’s results and on its competitiveness.

Matthias Grossmann and his team will support you through purchasing trainings, coaching, consulting and as  partner in purchasing projects.

Upcoming seminars:
The intensive training Self-confident negotiation in purchasing

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Matthias Grossmann and his team will also hold the Negotiation Trainings in English.


Motivationstag: Matthias Grossmann gives a talk in front of 2000 participants

 Video: Talk - Im Einkauf liegt der Gewinn

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Rusch-Talk: Matthias Grossman as guest by Alex S. Rusch (9 + 20)

 Video "What you can learn from HÄGAR" (German)

 Video: "What you can learn from HÄGAR"

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