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Internal training and Coaching

MGS offers a specific and practical training for each customer tailored to their needs. Topics covered are: Methods for cost and price reductions, self-confident purchasing negotiation, organization of "Purchasing Events", how to improve internal communication (Maverick), and how to deal with monopolies (KVP-workshop with suppliers).
Through an analysis based on your needs you will get precise advice about the recommended content for your purchasing seminar. Such a seminar usually takes between 2 and 6 days and is given in phases and directly at your company or in a congress hotel.

Analysis of your requirements

The analysis of your requirements will be made in your company in order to develop the content of your seminar as well as making sure it works in praxis. Besides that, Mr. Grossmann will spend three days  checking the purchasing process of your company and also your requirements in a personal meeting. The analysis of your requirements is recommended in order to prepare a practical seminar to efficiently optimize the time in the seminar.

The advantage of a training in phases

The success of a professional training for your purchasing team will take a long time and much effort. Generally, companies think that it can be achieved through a long training instead of a compact seminar in which the knowledge will be given in different phases and through the well known "Training on the Job". The know-how can be applied step by step and regularly in the company. In periodical meetings we will help you to solve your problems by giving you suggestions. Such a training which is given in different phases helps to avoid chaos in the office, as well as the opportunity to apply the seminar knowledge in your company, and therefore, will achieve good results for purchasing.

Coaching & Ghost Negotiation

The combination of training and coaching is perfected to be effective which means that besides acquiring knowledge, the price and costs of your selected projects can be also reduced through Matthias Grossmann's support and participation, and also being having him present at your suppliers' negotiations.